Basic Information



Evenfall is an open world spellcasting RPG with a focus on fighting and spell loadouts. The player can equip four spells and up to four passive abilities, combined with any gear they can find and carry, in order to survive the harsh wilds outside of the many towns.

Each spell belongs to one of four "schools of magic": Light, Dark, Elemental or Psychic. As the player improves their level in one school, the other schools become harder to level up, so planning your build is key.

The game is very story driven, with lots of NPC dialogue options, literature and more available to discover.

The view is top-down, giving a hectic and unique perspective and allowing for interesting combinations of abilities.


The game engine is built out, and the current development focus is content, music and art. The game art is not final, so expect early screenshots to be rough around the edges, and improving over time.

All development is being done by the one developer, so while it's slow going, the pace is steady and focused.

Evenfall Arcane is written with GameMaker: Studio 2.



Note: These are pre-alpha screenshots and do not necessarily reflect the final art direction of the game.