It's been a busy month for Evenfall, with a whole lot of development work taking place. The current focus is on fleshing out spells, followed by building out the rest of the second town in development: Yeuknox.

Yeuknox is currently accessible in game, but there is a lot more still to build for the town. This is likely the first major town the player will encounter and has several areas, as well as the main attraction: The Yeuknox Arena. The arena will offer its own questline where the player can fight to gain ranks and claim the title of champion. Of course, there will be interesting characters and events along the way.

The rest of Yeuknox includes a residential area, shopping district, and town center. Yeuknox has plenty of shops that you wont find in the starting town and offers a more lively setting with quests, crafters and secrets.

Data & Modding

The previous focus was extracting data out of the core game files and into external data formats. This serves two purposes:

  1. Allow for much faster content development for items, people, quests, etc
  2. Allow for the future potential of modding

I've always admired games with good modding support. I'll be working to consider that side of things while building out Evenfall. Currently, you can create quests, dialogue, characters, items, and shops via scripting with Lua. Status effects and spells are not yet at this stage, but that will be a goal in the future.

The other exciting thing this can do is allow for special content to stream from a server. Since the game engine can load these files, special events, items, characters and quests can become available at will.

The Next Playtest

My sights are set on getting a playtest out in October. I'd like to reach a few milestones, including finishing Yeuknox, and building out more spells to give players variety while playtesting. More quests, items and build options are also a goal to ensure that this playtest will let players explore much of what the spell casting and combat can offer. The purpose of the playtest will be to hone in on exciting gameplay.

Subscribers to the Evenfall mailing list will have first dibs to sign up for the playtest. Following that, the signup will be tweeted and posted on this website.

In the meantime, you can follow the Evenfall Twitter for gameplay updates and videos, and if you are more of a social media hipster, you can check out the Evenfall Mastodon for more in-depth looks at what is going on in the world of Evenfall development.

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