Today, I am finally announcing Evenfall Arcane. Evenfall is a top-down action RPG focused on spellcasting, exploring and surviving in a dynamic, open world.

Inspired by childhood favorites like Diablo, Nethack and Defense of the Ancients (DotA), Evenfall Arcane is a love letter to challenging RPGs that reward combining skills, items and strategy for maximum impact, and offering the player a chance to ramp up the difficulty for greater reward.

Image of the player character fighting an enemy called a Dark Obelisk

In Evenfall Arcane, you play as a magic user, known as an Arcane, in the world of Evenfall. That just about explains the name, yeah?

Journey through the world of Evenfall, fighting for your life as you discover towns, meet people and uncover a horrible fate. Make a name for yourself in a world that truly does not care about you. At all. Discover the history of Evenfall through plentiful literature scattered amongst the realm. Wield powerful magics and even more powerful artifacts.

Image of the magic school selection screen

Study the four schools of magic: Light, Dark, Elemental and Psychic, but choose wisely which you plan to devote your life to, for you can't master them all.

Killing enemies drops experience shards for the school of magic you used to fell them. Picking up these shards will level up their school, granting you access to more powerful spells. However, for every level you gain in one school, the other three become more difficult to level.

Beyond levelling up, you will find spells hidden in tomes around the world, some even hybrids spanning multiple schools. Combine magics as you see fit to survive in the deadly wilds between towns.

Evenfall Arcane is still very early in development. Most things are not final, and the game will shift and evolve over time. The game is being developed solo by Michael Barrett. The current version of the game is only available in a closed playtest, with plans to open the playtesting to a larger group in the coming months.

If you would like to get updates on development, including screenshots, videos and playtesting opportunities, you can follow the Evenfall Arcane Twitter or sign up for the Evenfall Arcane mailing list.

I greatly appreciate your interest in Evenfall, and will continue to build the game that I have always wanted to play. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.