Most of the posts here have focused on abstract gameplay concepts, so let's take a look at how it all works with a very basic gameplay video. In it, you can see the game perspective, some spellcasting and early game combat, as well as item usage and a simple quest.

This is one of the first quests that the current build offers. While it is a simple "kill all those guys" quest, it gives an opportunity to test your choice school of magic in a controlled space against some weak enemies. They are designed to give just enough experience to level up a school of magic, should you use just the one.

In the video, I get the quest, equip the "Stone Shield" passive spell, head up north and take out some Elemental Sprites. You may notice the sprites getting flung away from me at times. This is from the Stone Shield spell, and is a result of the new movement engine in the game. Stone Shield fires out stone shards when the player takes damage. Those shards can collide with enemies, hurting them and flinging them back. Turns out Elemental Sprites are light as a feather, and thus get sent flying away. Should they hit a wall or tree, they will take collision damage, further increasing the spell's damage capability.

After taking some damage, I consume "Roasted Bear Meat" that I picked up from an enemy. This helps me heal back up a bit, and blocks some incoming damage for a while.

Eventually, I take out all the sprites and return to Syntor in town to get my reward: reputation in town and Insight points for me to spend on upgrades. Insight can be spent on Traits or spell upgrades. Traits are general perks for your character - they can help you temper the gameplay to your liking. Traits exist on three tiers: 3, 5 and 7 Insight. The more Insight it takes to unlock a Trait, the stronger the effect. Spells can be upgraded for 4 Insight, and again for another 4. Spell upgrade effects tend to totally overhaul the spell, rather than tweaking numbers.

Next week, I will post another video with gameplay at a slightly higher level, showing off multiple spells and interactions between spells. Stay tuned, and thank you for your support!