Starting now, and until December 20th, 2017, I am asking for people to sign up to playtest Evenfall Arcane with the Winter 2017 pre-alpha build!

This playtest comes at a time where development is beginning to pick up in terms of content. While the game is still very young in development, most of the core gameplay is in place, and this test primarily focuses on a small section of the game, which represents an early look at the opening segment.

At this time, the music and art is still provisional. The game is built out enough to teach the player to play, and provide a few quests to sample how the game will work. The main story is not in this build, yet some characters who will be included in the main story can be found.

All four schools of magic have enough spells to be effective, giving a reason to play through multiple times. Additionally, there is a wide spread of available items and upgrades to customize your character's playstyle.

I am excited and nervous to be sharing this build with people. If you are interested in testing, please consider signing up.

Thank you, and I will be posting soon with more development information as the year comes to a close!