Evenfall Arcane

Devlog 2: Open Source, Ambience, UI

The first year of major development on Evenfall Arcane was spent creating a rock-solid foundation for the game. So far, that has been a huge pay-off for day to day development, but it also means that I now have this great set of foundational utilities, which were built to be game-agnostic. I ultimately planned to open source these utilities, and as of a few weeks ago, I have!

Devlog 1: Welcome to Evenfall

This is the first ever public Evenfall Arcane devlog, and I'm very excited to be writing it. I've been developing Evenfall Arcane for just over a year, and bringing it to the public has been an exciting period of time for me. I look forward to sharing more of the development process, playtest / beta updates and more.

The Schools of Magic

In the world of Evenfall, magic resides in four groups called "Schools": Elemental, Light, Dark and Psychic. In this post, I'll be going through these schools and showing what makes them each totally unique.

Announcing Evenfall Arcane

Today, I am finally announcing Evenfall Arcane. Evenfall is a top-down action RPG focused on spellcasting, exploring and surviving in a dynamic, open world.