Play as Petrich, a young woman living in The Eye: the only remaining town in the Endless Storm. She studies the magics of old, and joins with the Stormwalkers - a group of hunters, gatherers and defenders who face off against the horrible creatures of the Storm. Petrich, however, has no desire to be a simple hunter. Instead, with the knowledge she has found deep in her studies, she plans to find the source of the storm - and end it - freeing her town and her people from the Age of the Storm.

Evenfall is a top-down action RPG being developed by Michael Barrett. It features four distinct schools of magic - Elemental, Light, Dark and Psychic - each with their own spells and upgrades. Choose your schools of choice and learn to leverage them to fell your foes in increasingly trying environments. Venturing outside of town is dangerous, so you'll need to practice your magic and grow before you can expect to conquor your trials. Leverage the wisdom, merch and support in town to better yourself as you work against legions of unknown forces.

Evenfall is in its early stages of development, but you can receive updates by following the Evenfall Twitter or subscribing to the Evenfall mailing list.

For questions or contact, email Michael Barrett directly.