A goal has been to give Evenfall Arcane an immersive feeling since day one of development. I want the world to feel alive. The most recent chunk of work has been executing on that goal by improving the scheduling of NPCs to include sleeping and interaction with in-world objects.

Early playtesters know that some NPCs have schedules. In Riverstone, you could see the local fisherwoman head to the river during the day, and head home at night. In Yeuknox, a married couple who owned a tavern would take turns serving. Yet, nobody ever slept. They kinda...stood around until it was time to go back to work.

As of a week ago, NPCs learned to sleep in beds, sit in chairs and more. This gives more value to the in-game clock, as NPCs are unavailable when they are asleep, and some will refuse to do business outside of business hours. So, plan your day!